So,  as I was heading home somewhat late after work today ( The usual, slept badly, woke early, couldn't get to work in proper time so I stayed late instead) and I was walking rather briskly towards home. It's chilly, snowing and I had my scarf pulled up high,  dressed in the usual trademark long leather coat.   About two blocks from home I hear footsteps running from behind me and I take a step to the side, only to recieve a fist in the face.

My blood explodes and I start running, following the bloody fucking idiot who had just decided to try and smack me.  His four friends are about ten meters behind and I gain quite some headstart when the first rocks start flying behind me and smashing into the parked cars along the street.   The guy i'm following is heading towards a sidestreet so I veer up to the lady walking her dog and calm my pace enough to stop and let the dog say hello.   (Poor critter, I came running through the dark and almost snuck up on it, it was one of those super-focused moments in time when he was all so much more real thanks to the adrenaline.)

A quick word with the girl and my blood gets the better of me as I head back towards where they are, only to see them start running into the traffic and a couple of blocks away past the library.  I take it slowly and turn, only to get the usual hurled out insults about my mother.  Then the stones start flying again and I stop, turn, and the waltz goes on as they once again start to run.

At this point I'm also on the cellphone, talking to the police, who in their infinite wisdom suggest that I stop and stand still to wait for them.  Right.

Descriptions left with police, incident reported,   I'm fine, but EFFING PEEVED.