Today was one of those days. Where I'm supposed to get a simple Mini-PCI card for WiFi installed into my laptop, and I get it, But along with that they bodge something, and the computer will hard lock after a few minutes of working.  That is decidedly ungood as I cannot do my job properly then.

So, while my associate is over at the supplyer causing general havoc with them and helping them prove the issue that eventually leads to me getting a replacement computer completely, I'm stuck installing/upgrading Windows XP (sp2)  into SP3+patches + network configs on a set of machines.

It is a long and tedious process, and Windows is Exceptionally fond of doing these reboots between upgrades.  Did you know that you now need Windows Genuine Advantage  ( 2 updates)  to install the 21 updates that you need in order to spend an hour installing SP3,  which is needed before you can add the other remaining updates to Windows XP?

Doing this repeatedly with only one monitor (they are supposed to be headless machines for remote desktop, go figure)  is a generally frustrating experience. Especially as I cannot just sit back with my laptop and do Real Work while windows does it's "Are you happy with our skullfucking" attitude approach.

And then top it off my Mother calls, for the first time in almost 6 years to have small talk. Which of course involves the question of when I'll give her grandkids.  Go barf on that.  I really need to introduce her to a boyfriend sometime.  Not that I have one, but still.

And, I've updated Wordpress again.  Annoying piece of software, I really want a good replacement. I'm wondering if B2Evolution is any good in the long run, or if I should just move to something homebrew in Django.  Unfortunately I don't want to maintain my own thing, I have moved away from that already...