*sigh* It's interesting really, how much emotional value we put in things that don't exist.

I recently felt the blow full on, the (single one only) character i had in World of Warcraft. I never really had the focus on other chars, so I spent all my time on a single one, Nursuring aquaintances, relations and reputation, building and maintaining a story and life.

Got into raiding, it was a distraction, which was what the game provided for me, something to do with my time. I played because I didn't know what else to do with the time. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all.

Yesterday, I left the guild I've been with for almost two years. Left the "progress" behind, all the efforts and the friends made on my characters. Everything, and quit the realm. I did this because of some of the people I had been with.

Why don't I quit the game? Because right now, I need a distraction, and I don't have anything else. The games I've been wanting to play don't really function (UFO Afterlight and NWN2) on Wine/Cedega, so... there isn't much there, so I'll keep playing.

Still, looking for something....