And on the way home I turn to Shuffle to find some music to cover my bases. It's raining ever so lightly, and there's still snow and ice covering the walk, turning it slippery. An hour ago it was dusk. A month ago, it'd have been deep night at this time, now it was just night. Dark, but my eyes manage.

As I stomp my way through town, intent only on getting more distance behind me, I notice the complete lack of people. They're all hiding from the rain, even in this early spring. But the road is walkable, and my coat protects me.

And then it comes, the familiar beat in my left ear, anxiety, the weak shiver, the urge to turn, avoid the person walking across the road, even though he's already way out of my path. I lean forwards into the beat and move onwards.

The music fades, and then a familiar beat comes in, punctuated with guitars and a bassline, twist, beat changing again, to something slightly faster than I'm comfortable walking. Yet I change my step, involountarily obeying the music.

...woke up confused in a place I didn't know..
....and heard the hissing of an overused stem..
.....the air around me is corrupt and on the take...

My mood lightening, changing, more intense on the beat.

And then the chorus comes, anxiety lifting completely as I exhale...

....shove shove shove shove...
shove in my head...
shove you instead!

Ah, Ministry. I really do miss you.