Fuckup day and I'll whine here. Woke up. Bad in its own regard. Brother call, his lung had collapsed, was driving towards me so I could take him to hospital. Five minutes later he noted again, had collapsed with the car on a sidewalk.
Get out, grab a taxi and get moving.
Once there, make sure ambulance comes and so on, only to find out the reason he was up was because the family dog is badly ill (blood coming from both ends....) and had to be taken somewhere for treatment.

Turns out the vets nearby are either closed, or full (due to the closed one) ..... 7 hours later(!) I'm in a town a fair bit away checking the dog in for a couple of nights stay and treatment for whoknowswhat. xrays and such will happen.

And meanwhile I've been fucking around with this mess, my father had a car accident and the project I was supposed to write off today still lies unfinished with customers doing bad noises.

Fuck it all I want a break now.