So. Quite a few people have asked how my cruise was the last couple of days. Ever from when I got home somewhat early on Sunday, still woozy and incoherent due to a few days use of Benzodiazepines and Alcohol to keep me calm in the crowd.  Let's start with some premises, I was locked onto a 280ish meter long boat with approximately 2500 other passengers, and another  700ish crew members.

The main entertainment the first night was an ABBA-cabaret, the second night it was "Broadway musical Rhapsody".  This, along with Muzak-versions of "New York, New York" constantly flooding the central hallways from the 'live' band (What can you call a live band that exclusively muzakifies every song they play?). That is, when it wasn't Country&Western-hour or "Swedish Danceband evening".  or "Majority decides/ABBA disco".

Now, that's not all there is to do, of course there are lots of fun activities on sundeck. The place where almost everyone is to enjoy the sunny days of their cruise. Along with the same kind of music.  And not to mention the wonderful experience that is the pleasant company of all the other travellers. Most of them smokers, even if smoking wasn't allowed indoors unless in dedicated areas, like the library, the disco and so on. Not that the ban seemed to stop them much, but at least noone was smoking in the dining rooms or cafés.  ( Very good  food, I can add)

Right, so I was there as a caretaker for my wheelchair bound parents.  Pushing them across the full carpet floors, helping with plates and trays, in and out of chairs, opening weighted doorways (even to the handicap rooms the doors had auto-closers)  and along carpeted ramps (...who the feck decided that was a smart thing?), as well as the constant checking up (every 30 minutes give or take) if they needed something.

So, combine the lack of anything to do (I was too stressed out to focus on reading) with the crowd and nowhere to go,  and I was starting my day with the pills, and swapping it for alcohol as lunch came and I'd had enough to eat and the pills weren't functioning anymore.  The time free I got were the two port days, in Tallin and St: Petersburg, where I could leave them up on the sundeck for a few hours and head ashore to be herded along like the sheeptourists we were.

I got a few nice pictures, but unfortunately, a tourist group through S:t Petersburg doesn't leave a lot of time to find the good angles and wait for the swelling of tourist crowds herded through to the sights to disappear enough to take proper pictures. Much less do anything else of interest. At least I got half an hour of walking through the parks behind the museum while I was supposed to have my pockets emptied in the tourist bazaar.

As for the boat time?  Well, you know you're having a great time of stimulation and entertainment when the most interesting thing around is a teenage self-declared emo-kid that you can tease. One who comes back for more out of sheer boredom.