Fun fun.  Seems that not all drier "updates" are ... Updates.

Right clicked desktop.

Propertis, Display settings, Advanced, Graphics card, Advanced ( Again? yes..) Driver

Hit the "update driver" button, then follow the wizard through the country of dumb questions. After it finally gets off its but without notice, it tells you it's updated and needs to reboot. Fine!

Reboot,  get stuck in 640x480 at 4bit colour.  That's a wopping 16 colours to chose from.  Needless to say, the display properties tab doesn't fit on the screen at this resolution.   Kudos to the developers, hope this was fixed in Vista.

Next up in the bashing. Twitter! I signed up to follow some work related news sources today, and it actually has the guts to ask me for my EMail Password!

Twitter wants my