So, over the last couple of days I've had some more and more interesting errors on my computer.

Symptoms: Hang in bios, after CPU detect, writing "Memor" and then hanging.
Symptoms happen in situations of: Computer been off for 10+ hours, just rebooted, powercycled, pulled cord for a few minutes. No real pattern there. And then sometimes it comes up again and just works.
Tried to remove the RAM, move in one piece at the time to different slots. Still bugs out.
Tried resetting BIOS, Still hangs at times.
Tried reflashing the BIOS. Still hangs at times.

So now I'm sitting here scratching my head without a friggin' clue on what to do. New mainboard, it would seem. Which is unfortunate, because I rather like my current one ( Gigabyte, GA-P35-DS4 ). So, Now I'm looking for recommendations on a new mainboard.

Requirements: Onboard LAN, Audio, Firewire, USB, 6x or more SATA-ports.
Requirements: socket 775 4x RAM slots, DDR2.
Preferrably something that has more space between the RAM slots so I could run my current ones at full speed rather than have them overheat horribly due to being nested too close.

I'm not a fan of SLI, so that's no real necessity (meaning I could just as well go for P43 as P45 ) and since it's a somewhat older Core2 duo ( 6600@2.40GHz) and I'm not _that_ inclined to getting new RAM/Mainboard/CPU at this time (well wonder?)