So,  once again we meet, my old fiend, Buerocrazy.  In this case,  Employment.  The employer is great, the unemployment agency (who have to be in due to this being an adapted/limited work situation) are fine except that they need their papers...  erm,  right.

So, my old "doctors note" (cough) that states the same thing as they have for the last couple of years more or less ("He's fucked in the head") was -two weeks- too old,  thus invalid so we can't move on.

Now to wait in line for a new doc's appointment and... argh. Oh, and by the by, the hospital has an employment-stop since a while ago due to budget cuts. No matter that their doctors quit in disgust/overwork, so oups, they are spending more cash than they have or are allowed to in order to hire temps rather than employ new ones to fill the spots they -need- to have.


I'm going to take a dump on a politicians desk soon if this isn't fixed. I'm allowed to, I'm crazy after all.