Vacation. And everything, everywhere goes wrong. I had a long writeup on my first two days in London last week, however it's on my now dead netbook. I also had a lot of pictures of London, I'll let you guess where I had loaded those over too. ( I recovered most of them from the card, but I haven't had time to process them )

Now, Other than that, my Cellphone has been fucking me over, something like a priest in an orphanage. It's not likely to work, but I'm still waiting for the replacement, which is a month late or so.

Now then, London was nice, very nice until I slipped and hurt my knee, in the end I had to get a cane, go figure.
Work for a few days, rework the homepage and (attempt) to debug why the database is hitting horrid latencies. Now though, on to Thursday and we have the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival Followed by Front Line Assembly at Debaser in Stockholm.

Now, I wish I could come with a larger writeup, but I'm busy packing, heading to Dublin on Sunday, to visit Inz, as well as head into lala-land and watch Porcupine Tree on one concert, and Killing Joke later in the week.

Seems I'm missing out on Front 242, but I can't have everything now, can I?

Now then, on to fill the bags with clothing, some electronics and camera equipment. And make a decent writeup on the Beer&Whisky festival, if I can.

Also to note, Ahni wrote a review about the FLA/Mind. concert over at Big Rock Candy Mountain