Less than a year ago,  May 24  2007,  I bought a new "Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000", black, sleek and shiney.  Not really a bad piece of keyboard, I quite dislike the normal "split" ergonomical keyboards, as I find myself with my elbows and shoulders in uncomfortable positions, so this seemed to be a good combination.  In one hand the wide curve made me move my hands nicely and made it easier to focus on good left-right separation, on the other hand, it wasn't letting me feel cramped.

The keyboard works sweetly, nice tactile feeling, though the colouring on the letters disappear a bit too easily. It's not really as if I touch the volume keys that much to warrant the ink to disappear from it. Same goes for the "next track" key.   Still, they faded rapidly, and I didn't care.

Now however, what I do care about is the following. This morning when I crawled out of bed and into the room to put on some music I couldn't log into my computer.  Why? Well, I couldn't figure it out at first. It went quite far, until I tried a second account and it let me in instantly.   Odd.    I tried to sudo  and su switch to the other account. No such luck.  So, what's the issue then?  Ahh, sometime later it dawned on me. The Q key was busted.  No such luck. No input at all.

Riiight.    Pop it open and check the connector,  Nope, doesn't respond at all even with direct feedback.  Wonderful. Some more exploring reveals that the Down arrow is gone as well.   Now I'm annoyed.

So, what do I do about this?  Frankly, no clue. I don't want another keyboard that goes bust in less than a year on me.   Right now I'm typing on an ancient Keytronic Ergoforce keyboard.  It's loud, obnoxious and ugly.    And it works, unlike the shiney sleek black Microsoft branded piece I used to have.

Sod the returns.