Okay.  Decentish days since last.

I tried Portal, the 3D non-shooter puzzle game.  I'm all cake over it, very amusing for half a day. Quite nice stuff overall.      I dabbled some in IR photography,   Harder than I thought, but I hope I can get something out of it when I get around to the energy in order to fix the bloody White Balance and other stuff.

I reinstalled the computer with x64 version of Ubuntu. Things seem to mostly work, except where it doesn't.   Rhythmbox insists on trying to find a codec for MP3, and failing. Each time it starts.   Broken file?

f-spot cannot remove photos from the camera at the same time as it downloads them? Bloody idiocy.

And...  My coffee-maker broke this morning. Guess how happy I am? Bottom part cracked when I put it down on a hot stove :/